Breakfast Breads

Dying to visit Paris, but can’t take the time or money just now?  Come in and get one of our croissant.  With a good cup of coffee, close your eyes and the first bite will make you think you can smell the exhaust fumes on the Champs Elysees.  Made with quality ingredients by hand, they are…….well, to quote one of our newer patrons, “transportive”.

Butter Croissant
Never ‘plain’, these are the basic, crescent shaped traditional croissant.  Ours are handmade with no compromise on ingredients or technique.  When you break open the crisp crust (we suggest you do it over a napkin as there will be a shower of perfect golden brown shards) you are offered layer after layer of buttery ethereal perfection.  (You’ll see…you’ll get carried away too once you have them!)

Ham and Cheese
Take ham from the local Bluescreek Farm, add a slice of Swiss cheese and wrap this with our wonderful croissant.  Perfect for a savory breakfast or lunch.Tuesday through Sunday.

Blueberry Cream Cheese
Just like it sounds, we use wild blueberries to make a compote, then pipe a cream cheese filling into the croissant and fill that with the compote.  Wonderful!  Saturday and Sunday only.

A lightly sweetened almond paste fills this croissant.   You can tell these by the almonds on top.  Saturday and Sunday.

Our perfect croissant filled with a French chocolate made for just that purpose.  Saturday and Sunday and often Friday)

Tart Cherry

Wonderful combination of buttery croissant and tart cherries. Topped with a bit of sugar. Saturdays only.

Cinnamon Twist
Created by our Croissant Master, Dennis, these delicious cinnamon confections are twisted inside out.  Yet another in our product tribute to cinnamon!  Saturday and Sunday only (well, sometimes on Friday, too.)

Occasionally Dennis will take it into his head to make a new kind of croissant.  He’s made lemon, mixed berry and even peanut butter and jelly….who knows what he will do next.  Be sure and ask if there is a special croissant if you come on a Saturday morning.

Cinnamon Rolls
Declared by the Food Network Magazine “The Best Breakfast in Ohio”, our cinnamon rolls are distinguished from all others by the soft, light buttery dough and the intense cinnamon flavor, and especially the fact that they are not so sweet.  We use a very light hand in icing, just a drizzle, really, so you can taste the cinnamon.  We make them every day we are open, but they often go early and tempers do tend to flare among regulars if we run out before they are served!


Buttermilk Scones
These are our most traditional scones.  Unlike British scones, ours are moist and buttery and chock full of fruit.  (Of course, you can smother ours in clotted cream anyway if you wish, but it isn’t necessary.) We use them for shortbread during berry season! We make the wild blueberry and mixed berry (wild blueberry, blackberry and raspberry) Tuesday through Sunday.  On  Saturday we also make raspberry.

Buttery Cranberry Scone
Dense and flaky, studded with dried cranberries this is a different type of scone, almost a cross between a scone and a croissant.  A little sweeter than the buttermilk scone, but the tart cranberries keep them from being too sweet.Friday and Saturday.

Walnut Strawberry Scone
Ground walnuts flavor the body of this scone, but in the center, before baking we dollop strawberry preserves.  Recently a customer was startled to see that we use Smucker’s preserves (an Ohio company), “It tastes like some sort of exotic fruit!”  Dennis smiled and told her “It’s our ovens….they’re magic.”  After tasting these scones, you will believe, too.  Saturday only.

    All of our scones keep well overnight if they are wrapped in plastic and kept at room temperature.


Blueberry - Pecan
        We’ve made these for years and no one ever seems to tire of them.  One of the things we don’t like is biting into a fruit pastry and getting a mouthful of no flavor.  So, we have ground pecans throughout the muffin and add enough tiny wild blueberries so that you get some in every bite.  We only make these on Saturday, but like the scones, they keep well if they are wrapped.

Donut Muffins
Quickly becoming a favorite, this recipe is from Martha.  Small muffins (believe me, you wouldn’t want them to be larger) are rolled in butter then cinnamon sugar to make them ……..something else entirely.  Hard to explain why they are so good, but the first thing every one of us does when we come in is check to see if there is a broken one (or two or three) we can devour.  Taste them for yourself, but you have to come on Saturday!

Not quite a tartlet, not really a Danish, our galette is another of our pastries suited to breakfast or dessert.  A crunchy cornmeal based crust is spread with almond paste then topped with fruit and baked.  Usually this fruit is peaches and blackberries (we used to change it every week, but this is the combination most people asked for).  Wonderful for eating while walking around the Market, but equally at home (even the next day if kept in the brown paper bag at room temperature) served to guests after dinner.  Only available on Saturday.